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Innovation Valley School is a hybrid learning platform where you can learn or teach business and tech skills through online live classes or on-campus bootcamps. We are democratizing access to business and tech education. We are building the "Uber for Education" a platform to connect learners, industry experts, and educational spaces where anyone from anywhere can learn business & tech skills. A dynamic learning & knowledge ecosystem where:

  • *Learners acquire business and tech skills
  • *Industry-Experts share and monetize their expertise, creating a socio-economic impact
  • *Educational space owners monetize their unused or underutilized space by facilitating learners and industry experts, contributing to a socio-economic impact

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What do we offer

Online Live learning

Learn live with top educators, chat with teachers and other attendees, and get your doubts cleared.

On-Campus Learning

Our curriculum is designed by experts to make sure you get the best learning experience.

Community & Networking

Interact and network with like-minded folks from various backgrounds in exclusive chat groups.

Learn from Industry-experts

Stuck on something? Discuss it with your peers and the instructors in the inbuilt chat groups.

Live Projects

You will not learn theory only but hands-on practice with assignment and real projects related to your field.

Get certified

Flaunt your skills with course certificates. You can showcase the certificates on LinkedIn with a click.


Learn skills, Be in demand. Choose the best course for you

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